Matimand Vidyalaya Latur

The Matimand Vidyalaya Latur started on 1-7-1987 and the opening ceremony has been inaugurated by the auspicious hands of Hon. Shri. Vilasraoji Deshmukh, Chairman of Jeevan Vikas Pratishthan, Latur. Adv. Babruwanji Kale Presided over the function. The Social Justice Dept of Govt. of Maharashtra has given approval and sanction for the school and the school is working as per the directions of the School Management Committee.

The School Management Committee is as below

Sr.No Name Of The Member Designation
01 Shri Vaijnathappa Nagappa Lature Chairman
02 Shri.Ramanuj Madanlalji Randad Secretary (JVP) & Member
03 Shri. Baburao Nagorao Somwashi Treasurer (JVP) & Member
04 Shri. Adv. Vishnudas R. Bhutada Member
05 Saw. Rachana S. Bhargav Member
06 Shri. Dr. Milind B. Potdar Member
07 Shri. Shankar Narvate Representative of Teachers
08 Shri.Nitin Deshmukh Representative of Non-Teaching
09 Shri. Vilas Chapolikar Representative of Guardian
10 Shri Anil Dattatraya Kulkarni H.M & Committee Secretary

During this year there are 75 students as residential and 43 student as non- residential.. Totally there are 118 students.There are 10 classes i.e. 9 educational classes, 1 workshop. Our school is keen to improve basic daily requirements, hygiene , self sufficiency etc.

Drawings Activities

20 students participated in the Sakal Balmitra Drawing Competition held on 3/2/2013.In this competition our one student named Jeevan Tukaram Akoskar won First prize of State Level and at Divisional Level ,Jeevan Akoskar won 1st prize ,Mahesh jadhav and Aakash Akoskar won 2nd prize and Mahesh Gasale won supporting prize. At centre level 18 prizes have been won by our students.
15 students participated in Divisional Level Colour Painting Competition on 10/2/2013 sponsored by Swapnapurti Kala Akadami. Certificates of Participation have been given to all students.

Sport Activity

Community Coaches Training Programme Myas cct level –II, sponsored by Special Olympic Bharat and Jeevan vikas pratishthan latur, was arranged on 26th and 27th Oct.2012 in which 50 special teachers from District participated.
Our student Akash Mugave was selected in Special Olympic Maharashtra team of soft ball and won Gold Medal for State and our School in this soft ball National Competition held at Alwar, Rajesthan.
29 students participated in District Level Sports Competition sponsored by SSA ZP,,Social Welfare Dept ZP and Jeevan Vikas Pratishthan, latur. In this competition our students won 14 first prizes, 8 second prizes and 9 students were selected for State Level Competition.
Our one student won first prize,1 student won second prize and 2 students won third prizes the State Level Competition held on 28th to 30th December 2012 at Solapur.

Other Activities

Various important National/International Days, National Festivals, Anniversaries of Notable Dignities, Religious Festivals have been celebrated.
59 students participated the Rally sponsored by Social Welfare Department ZP latur on the eve of December 3, World Disabled Day.
Bank of Maharashtra latur has presented a Aquaguard Water Purifier on 4-11-2012 in a program held in our school.
On the eve of Diwali Festival,Shri Shyam Bhargav and Family have given paste, soap, napkin, to our students which are useful for health.
Hon. Shri Deeliprao Deshmukh,MLC, has distributed Shawls useful in winter season to all students of our school.
From this academic year we have started Water Therapy for severe hyper active and autism students. 6 students participated in this therapy and found useful for the students. Our 11 students are trained in packing of eatables given by Vishva Super Market. They can pack 1kg, 2kg,half kg, one fourth kg accurately and in good manner. During this year our students packed 181 quintals and 69 kgs eatables satisfactorily.

One Camp for guardian of our students has been taken on 24-1-2013 with the co-operation of Jivala Palak Sangha , latur and Sanvedna Cerebral Palsy Institute and Jeevan Vikas Pratishthan, latur. 76 guardians participated in this camp. 30 guardian of our students formed 2 Self Help Groups .These SHGs prepare eatable food products.. During this year food grain, articles as raw material of Rs.44199 were purchased and after preparing eatables , sale was for Rs.47344. Gift in the kind of food product, amounting to Rs.1273 was given to Guests.. Excluding gift amount, there is net profit Rs.3145/-

There was a “Palak Melawa’’ sponsored by Umed Parivar at Pune on 13-2-2013 in which our school had a stall for sale of eatable food products. There was sale of Rs.3200 in that Melawa.
Progress of student through Music Therapy has been achieved through the efforts by our Special Teachers. Visits to the guardian of our students home villages are given to know the progress of students from their parents.

A Dental Camp was arranged by Jeevan Vikas Pratishthan and District Disability Rehabilitation Center, latur on 23-2-2013 in our school .In this Camp Expert Dentists checked the teeth of all students and given necessary suggestions to the students and also to Special Teachers.


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